Maternity Portraits-What Should I Wear?

When it comes to maternity portraits, what types of clothing to wear and how much is really up to the subjects. Some moms really wish to show off their belly while others would prefer to show shape rather than skin.

Loose comfortable clothing is best. If you aren't comfortable you won't look comfortable in the final portrait—this goes for any type of portrait. Stretch top pants are a must unless you prefer to wear your jeans unbuttoned. Most maternity tops will work—some moms to be opt for a tube or short top with straps and then wear a regular shirt partially buttoned over top. Some moms prefer to be wrapped in material which is another option we offer.

If your spouse/partner is planning to be in the portrait as well, work to color coordinate your clothing. If you are looking for black and white images solid darker clothing works best. For lighter color backdrops whites and creams work well. We photograph primarily without props but some moms prefer to bring one or two simple baby props. It is your session and we will help you to design it the way you wish.

Pregnant and thinking of planning a maternity session? Call us and we can get together for a free pre session consultation. We will cover not only what to wear but help you plan out the entire session and begin to consider your newborn session as well. We will discuss clothing options, session timing (when is the best month to get your portrait made) the ins and outs of the whole process. You are the new mom. It is your time to shine. We can help you look your absolute best. Call 719.475.0160 or email us with any questions or to book your pre session consultation. It's never too soon to begin planning.

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Portraits of Children

When is the best time to get a portrait of your child? There is no time like the present, especially if all you have besides your cell phone snaps of your child is their school or preschool portrait.

To be sure there are specific ages and stages that it is great to have a formal portrait created of your child. After your newborn portraits your child will change so rapidly it'll be hard to keep track! However when they reach the age of around two thy begin to take on a definite personality shedding the baby stage and moving into full toddler stage. This is a great time to bring your child to a professional photographer for a portrait.

Can you get by with some cell phone snaps? Sure, but there are times when you are going to want to capture a moment you will cherish for all time. Around two years of age children's imaginations really begin to kick in and they will be creative in play and dress as this young girl here is. The mom was able to get some really fun photos of her little girl on her own but by bringing her to a professional photographer she now has some incredible and fun photos to share with her daughter in the future.

And as a mom, when was the last time you were in a photo with your child? You are most likely the family photographer and while you are able to document some pretty enjoyable photos of the family you are missing in most of your families documented history. By taking the time to have her portrait made with her child this mom now has a piece of art to cherish forever and to one day pass along to her daughter when she has children of her own.

Have a little one in your life –child or grandchild that you want to have a portrait created of? Call us @719.475.0160 or email us today—you will never regret it.

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Custom Framing For Your Photographs

We have long promoted the concept that framing is an important way to not only showcase your photographs but to protect them as well. What's the point of spending good money on a beautiful portrait of your family if you cannot show it off by hanging it on a wall?

Framing not only is function but it can preserve your artwork as well as enhancing it. Let's begin with preservation—you want to protect your artwork the best you can while still enjoying it. A beautiful portrait can be an heirloom you want the next generation to enjoy as well. Framing can allow you to do this. If a piece is archivally matted, put behind glass and framed it will protect your image from the elements. Sometimes we frame without mat or glass but we make sure prints are coated with a protective finish. The best way to preserve your photograph is to hang it in a place that doesn't get a large amount of direct sunlight. That will help protect it from fading.

Framing can also enhance your art by adding in the element of color whether by mat and frame or just frame alone. At Tara Patty Photography we believe so strongly n the concept of framing that we make sure every piece that is 11x14 or larger is framed before leaving the studio (unless it is a UV coated gallery wrapped canvas, but w can also add a frame to these to really make the art pop). We also have the ability to create virtual mats as well so be sure to ask to see a sample of that next time you stop by the studio.

We have brought our framing totally in-house now so that we can control every aspect of it as well as make it easier on our clients to choose the correct mat and frame. Now you only have to come to one location to get not only your session but your final piece of art as well.

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Portrait of the Month-March



The Portrait of the Month for March obviously needs to be one of Pets since this is the month we held our 5th Annual pet portrait fundraiser for All Breed Rescue. Of course it looks like something we should do for the month of July!

We love to photograph pets—especially dogs. Cats usually need to be held. Dogs will respond to food mostly, and do what ever they need to do to get that treat. It does help to heave a pet trainer assit with the photographs. We work with Linda Brennen of Your Canine Coach. She is grat at getting dogs to look their best—even fleetingly.

We are doing some exciting promotions to help All Breed raise funds beginning this fall. Stay tuned for your chance to be involved.

We do photograph pets all year long and not just for our fundraisers. If you have a pet and are thinking of getting a portrait made call 719.475.0160 or email us for further info.



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Black & White Portraits-Celebrate Life!

We love to celebrate relationships and life—in Black and White. Why? Color is great but there is something about black and white that commands attention. It allows the viewer to focus solely on the subject and not be distracted by color.

Some think black and white portraits are pretty easy to create. You shoot in color then you just click a button, right? Well, no. You don't just click a button. We plan details from lighting and backdrops—which can be very different from what we use for color –to clothing and posing. What looks great in color doesn't always translate well into black and white. That's why we always offer a free pre-session consultation so that your portrait can truly be a piece of art that you will be proud to hang in your home.

To create a great black and white portrait you need to visualize what the color you are looking at will look like in black and white. If you don't know how to do this don't worry, we do! We know a little about creating black and white portraits—we've been doing that for a long time—back to the days of film.

During the month of April we are celebrating Black and White portraits at Tara Patty Photography. The session fee for relationship portraits or a black and white study is half off in the month of April. So if you've been thinking about having a black and white portrait created, don't put it off. Now is a great time to have one made. Check out the video below that we created last year. It is also on our website in the black and white gallery. We think it provides a compelling reason to get a black and white portrait created.

Want to know more about our black and white portraits? Call 719.475.0160 or email us today.


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Legacy Portraits

That trip you've always dreamed of to Tahiti--$10,000

The new sports car you've always wanted - $60,000

The vacation home on the beach $15,000

The portrait of your loved ones for your home --Priceless


Creating Lasting Memories

At Tara Patty Photography we like to say we specialize in Memory Insurance. What is that? Well it's helping families preserve the important memories for the future. We do this through creating fine art portraits of your loved ones.

We strongly encourage our portrait clients to bring along grandma or grandpa if possible. How many quality portraits do you have of multiple generations in your family? If people are together it is important to get a portrait created as soon as you can, you never know when you might have a missing link in a generation because someone passed away. For example my own family generation portrait taken during a vacation shows my mother, niece and her child. A nice generational portrait. My sister, my niece's mom, is missing as she is no longer living. However we do now have a good generational portrait for those pictured as well as for future generations.

Sometimes it doesn't become important until a close relative is no longer living. I cannot tell you the number of times we've had clients tell us they are so glad they took the time to have a family portrait created, then months or a few years later someone in the family passed and the portrait takes on a whole new meaning.

Cell phone snaps and quick digital images are great for immediate sharing with friends and relatives—but when a loved one passes what now? Can you locate all those images and create prints with some longevity? That's why we believe so firmly in printed products – creating a finished piece of art to display on your walls or have in an album -to pass down to the next generation is simply priceless.

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Paw Prints To Remember V

We had a ton of fun as usual over the four days we did our Paw Prints fundraiser this year. Each year we hold a pet portrait fundraiser to benefit the wonderful folks at All Breed Rescue & Training. This was the 5th time we've done our Paw Prints event and the third to benefit All Breed. Every time we do it it gets bigger and better. With the help of several participants we raised a bit over $800 for ABRT.

This event could not happen without not only the wonderful participants but our awesome supporters as well. This year we again had fabulous treats and goodies donated by Bon Pet Supply. Each participant in the Paw Prints event receives a goodie bag full of treats, coupons and other fun items. Bon Pet Supply has been faithful in helping us through their generous donations of treat bags.

Of course these portraits don't just happen by magic. We simply could not do this event without the steady calming influence of dog trainer Linda Brennen our faithful volunteer and owner of Your Canine Coach. Linda can get dogs to do the impossible and she assisted greatly and getting the dogs to calm down and relax for their portrait session.

It is a seemingly non-stop series of controlled chaos but very enjoyable. We love meeting not only the pets but their people as well. Some of whom we hope to have back in the studio soon for additional portrait sessions. Thanks to all who volunteered and participated.

At Tara Patty Photography our Furry Friends Pet Portraits are more than just a quick 10 minute session for a fundraiser. If you would like to schedule a longer more formal session of your best furry friend give us a call @719.475.0160 or email us to learn more. We do several in-depth pet portrait sessions each year both in studio and on location. When is the best time to schedule a pet portrait? Well, if your pet is fairly new, whether a puppy or adopted is a great time for a portrait. If you have an aging pet it is best to capture their personality before they get too old and sick looking. Just like children, pets age quickly before you know it. Don't put it off too long, call today to schedule your pet portrait session.





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