Planning For Your Maternity Portratis

A little planning for these sessions can go a long way towards you having wonderful portrait art that you can enjoy forever. We prefer to meet you before your session for a pre-session portrait consultation but we do understand that sometimes that is just not possible so we can do this over the phone.

Maternity portraits are traditionally done in studio but we can and do photograph on location. We usually photograph the mom-to-be late in the eighth month or very early 9th month. Each mom is different, it's up to you. When you feel like you are large enough we can go ahead with the session. But don't wait too late  as babies can often surprise you and come early.

We encourage moms to bring their spouse/partner so we can include them in the session. Or moms can choose to come alone. We know that many are military and your spouse might be deployed. Parents, a best friend or children can also attend the session. We've even had people bring pets!

These sessions typically run about an hour. Just relax, it's your time to shine as a soon to be mom! We give priority booking to both maternity and newborn portrait sessions.


What To Wear?

We get a lot of questions on what is best to wear for a maternity session and really it is up to each individual. We will work with you prior to the session to discuss posing, clothing and other ideas. We do recommend loose fitting comfortable clothing. Of course since you are pregnant not everything is loose fitting! We understand that. The point is if you are comfortable then you will look comfortable and relaxed in the photograph.

 For poses against a darker backdrop we recommend wearing colorful clothing  (solids work best) so you won't blend into the background too much. For black and white we recommend darker grays, browns, dark green, navy as well as black. This way the portrait can work in color as well as black and white.

This session is all about the mom to be so it’s your time to shine. In a few weeks we'll disucss prepping for newborn portratis.




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How Do You Find A Good Photographer?

You are thinking of having a portrait made of say your family. What do you need to know before you look for a photographer? Let’s face it there are a lot of photographers out there. Literally hundreds if not thousands -depending on where you live. Now how do you go about choosing one to photograph your family?

Well the first thing we would recommend is to look for professional photographers. Meaning someone who derives all or the majority of their income from photography. Why is this important—well this person will most likely have not only good quality professional gear but know how to use it and more importantly have the proper insurance coverage. 

A step further would be someone who is a certified photographer through the Professional Photographer’s of America association (PPA) the oldest professional photography organization in the country. This means that the photographer has gone a step further by not only going through a rigorous written test and portfolio review but also is committed to continuing education in the field. Why is this important? I thought photographer’s just picked up a camera and pushed a button? Well it’s a bit more than that —there is complex understanding not only of professional camera gear but quality posing and lighting. Then there is understanding how to take the RAW image from the camera into post production software and output it to a final custom image that you would be pleased to hang on your wall. This is a long way of saying look for someone that truly knows and understands what they are doing. We detailed the importance of hiring a professional rather than an amateur in this blog post here.

Now, how do you locate these professionals? Well as most people do they use an online search engine such as Google to locate locals in just about any industry. Review websites and on some you will see the red and white logo “Certified” which is the PPA badge of certification. There are many photographers out there but here in Colorado Springs only a handful that are certified. Choose wisely.




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Portrait of the Month-February

One of the things I love about photographing families is capturing images of generations. I love showing portraits such as the one here with a mother and her adult daughter and her granddaughter. Something like this seems so simple at the present but in the future the young girl will grow up and have a priceless portrait showing her mom and her grandmother along with her.

Leaving a legacy is so important. We all do things in life to make the next generation a little better off. Having a piece of art that depicts the family generations is simply priceless. I know if my own family this is true. My mom has portraits hanging in one of her home of her parents, grandparents and great grandparents. I love looking at these pat generations knowing that one day I’ll have these portraits of my family to keep.

There has never been a generation like the present one that is as photographed as in any time in history and yet very few actual prints exist of this generation. Sure we all have tons of snapshots on our phones, in our laptops etc but how many to we ever get printed? Having a nicely printed framed portrait that can be passed down to the next generation is something that just isn’t often done these days and that’s a tragedy. How will future generations remember us? Who knows in 10 or 20  or 30 years if today’s media will even be able to be seen? Remember 8 track tapes? 

At Tara Patty Photography we specialize is what we call Memory Insurance, creating a piece of art that you can have to enjoy today and pass down to your kids tomorrow. Ensuring that they will remember you and know a piece of their family history. Want a piece of art for your kids to cherish after you’re old and gray? Why not call us @719.475.0160 to schedule a free portrait consultation today? You’’ll be glad you did.

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Help Spread The Word And Win

As a small business we grow and prosper through the kind words of our customers just like you. Word of mouth advertising is one of the best tools we have. So we are not shy about asking our wonderful customers to refer their friends and family to us.

How Can You Help?

You might ask how you can help us spread the word. Well we are always happy to get calls from people who say that one of our good customers referred them. So as you show off your portrait art from us be sure to tell about your experience with us. 

We do understand that not everyone you meet will be trooping through your home looking at the cool art we've created for you. So we have some handy tools that will assist you with spreading the word. One of the best is a mobile album that we can create for you with your own app. We can put together a nice custom mobile album of 10-12 images for you to share with others. These are especially popular with our baby and high school senior portrait clients. We also have mini accordion albums that our clients love to share with family and friends.

Of course we are always happy when customers share their photos and experiences on social media. And we are grateful to customers who send us written testimonials that we can use in our own marketing materials such as this one from the Welch family (pictured): "Thank you so much for the beautiful portraits! We enjoy them every day." They got some great art created and framed hanging on the walls of their home. So we hope that they (and others too) are sharing this very sentiment with their friends.

To show our appreciation any new client that you refer to us will receive a complimentary session. We will also send you a gift certificate to use for any product or session the studio offers.  So it's a win win for both of you.

Of course our absolutely best compliment is to see you again. Our second best is for you to feel comfortable enough with us to refer us to your friends.

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Portrait of the Month-January



Capturing a great portrait of pet and owner can be difficult. Especially when the pet is a cat. We have been doing more cat portraits through our Springs Pet Portraits division. Cats have their own sense of timing and decide things on their own terms. -- much more than dogs do.

On of the kyes to a great portrait -- in addition to subject, lighting and posing --is color harmony; having the subject wear an outfit that matches the background so that all the colors work well together.  And this is just as important with lour pet portraits as it is with people. In fact often a little more so as it is another element that must be addressed. And with smaller pets this isn't so easy.

For color balance in a pet portrait you need to think not only about fur color but the distinctive eye coloring as well. This subject slected tans and greens as the cat has very bright green eyes. 

Color pet portraits, as with people portraits work best with coordinating colors. That said the subjects do not need to have on matching outfits, merely outfits whose colors look good together. We suggest that if all of the colors of the oputfits worn by the subjects were to be worn by one person would the colors look okay together? If not then you will want to make a wardrobe change. We also suggest colors that aren't too overly bright unless you are the sole subject or just you and a pet and you are working to match the eyes of your pet. Bright loud colors distract the eye form the subject matter. For example everyone in one darker color like navy or balck and one subject in bright red would be a distraction. Unless your goal is for the sole focus to be on that one person in red.

Ready to create yopur portrait? Call us @719.475.0160 and we will schedule a complimentary portrait consultation with you to assist you in planning for wardrobe, subjects and background. 

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Enjoying Your Family Portraits


With the proliferation of cameras in tablets and phones everyone can take a photograph virtually anywhere they go. All the time. This is going down in history as the most photographed generation of all time. However most of the images taken will never be seen and never shared with the next generation.And that’s sad to me.

First off many people just don’t take the time to get prints made any more. Because when you do where do you store them or give them to? And not only that the images rarely get backed so the next time your phone freezes or the computer crashes there go the family photos.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have some great images on your phone AND beautiful portraits on the walls of your home as well? It’s okay to decorate your home with art depicting your family. Some people say they don’t have room. We say like any gallery you can show some work for a time then swap it out with others. And if you literally have zero wall space in your home why not a custom book or album?

Our customers come to us because they love having us create a piece of custom wall art for their home. That way every day they can walk by the portraits of the ones they love. Yes, we all like to have our photos handy and along with us on our laptop, tablet  or phone and we can create some fun mobile albums for that very reason. However being able to walk by a large portrait hanging in your front living room of your children is just priceless. Not to mention that your children can own that art one day and share with their children. From wall art to custom books and albums we can help you preserve the memories of your family.

Leave your children a legacy and not just a hard drive. Call us today @719.475.0160 to schedule your family portrait session.


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Couples Portraits

Calling All Couples!

It’s that time of year again. Valentines is just around the corner. When was the last time you had a portrait with your significant other? Hopefully you will not say at your weddings (especially if your wedding was more than 10 years ago). Even if you had a portrait taken more recently like at a relative’s wedding you should get a nice portrait created--in a relaxed atmosphere—just the two of you and not rushed at a wedding ceremony of your cousin.

Usually once kids are on the scene the parents get pushed into the background. Especially where portraits are concerned. And once you are empty nesters you really lose track of time and  seldom get a portrait created.   So now is the time to think about a nice portrait of just the two of you. And don't think you have to be young to have a couples portrait--merely young at heart! In fact the 65+ crowd always get a deal at the studio. 

Every year we offer a special near Valentines Day for couples. Couples Mini Sessions—in studio sessions with no session fee and 15% off of `a la carte pricing.  This is a chance to get a nice piece of art created for your home of just the two of you. What could be better? So  take advantage of this great deal from now through Valentines Day. 

So call @719.475.0160 or email us today to schedule your couples session.We are offering a limited number of sessions for this so make sure you get on the schedule.