Creative Kid's Club & Child Mini Sessions

Anyone who knows kids knows that they change a lot in a short amount of time. The most a child will change in their lifetime is during their first year. That's why we offer the Baby's First Year Collections.

However we do know that children change dramatically during their first few years as well. Maybe not as much as during that first year but quite enough to really take notice.

If you don't photograph your children frequently during their first several years of life you are really missing out. We've had clients that come in frequently during this time frame (1 to 7 years of age) and many more who are too busy or simply forget. The next thing you know your child is leaving grade school and moving to Middle School. Wow, when did that happen—just yesterday they were missing their first teeth.

That's why we've created the Creative Kid's Club—to help in the process of documenting your child during these important formative years. The Creative Kid's Club is a great way to get on a schedule to get your child's portrait taken during these years. Not to mention affordable. The Kid's club is an amazing deal—for a limited time club membership is just $95 and that includes 5 sessions over 5 years-no session fee beyond the initial club fee. Not only that you receive a 5x7 custom print from each session. These are short mini sessions—20-30 minutes and you have the option of placing your order immediately following the session. Kid's Club members have special pricing on duplicate prints as well as 4 print collections from $199 to choose from.

We also offer special Child Mini Sessions without any club membership. They are $50 for a session fee and then you may choose from 4 print packages beginning @$250. Child mini sessions are only available weekdays until 4 PM for children ages 1 through 16.

Both of these child sessions—either Kid's Club of Mini Sessions are a great way to capture portraits of your child without waiting to schedule a formal family portrait. These are perfect for showing off a new outfit, missing their first teeth, getting braces or for a holiday card.

Interested in getting portraits created of your child. Call us at 719.475.0160 or email us for help in choosing which children's plan is right for you.  

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Baby's First Year

There is something magical about photographing newborn babies. They're so tiny and fragile. And I love positioning them in dad's strong arms to show scale of size. We often photograph newborn baby's in the first few weeks of life—that just seems to be the best time for newborn portraits. Lately we've begun suggesting people who either already have had newborn portraits or didn't get them to come between 4-8 months of age—we are finding better expressions on the baby at this age. It is also a great time for a family to do a Black & White Relationship Portrait with their new baby.

Since baby's change more in their first year of life than really at any other time in their lives we are offering Baby's First Year, a series of portrait sessions taken at strategic times during your child's first year of life. Our Baby's First Year Collections offer 3 session taken anytime during your child's first year. Some choose Newborn, 6 months and 1 year and others 4, 8 and 12 months. At one year we also give the option for a “Smash the Cake” session which is always fun.

Baby's First Year is a very affordable way to capture special once in a lifetime moments in your baby's life. Collections begin at $450 which if you think about it it a pretty incredible price for 3 portrait sessions and product.And we have some cool products that will allow you to keep those precious memories for the rest of your life and hopefully some day pass on to your child when they've grown.

Expecting or know someone who is? Pass on this information, we'd love to take some time to sit down and talk about some of the ways we can make your Baby's First Year one you'll remember forever. Call 719.475.0160 or email us today about information on this special deal.



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What To Wear?

So, you are thinking of getting a portrait created but you are wondering what to wear. Not to worry, we are here to assist you with every step of the portrait process. In fact we will ask you to come to the studio (if possible) for a pre session consultation. This is where we discuss your desired outcome for the portrait. Is it a piece of art for your wall, part of an album of images? We walk you through the various options then once we get your input for what you'd like us to create we will discuss location, backgrounds and clothing.

Timeless Treasures

If you are going to create art for your home you want to wear something that is fairly timeless. Meaning you don't want the latest trendy clothing, hair styles and the like. You don't want to look at this piece of art in 10 years and laugh at the clothing you wore. That is why we work very hard to create timeless art portraits for our clients. Something classic and timeless that will look as good in 10 or even 20 years as it does today.

Getting back to clothing. For our contemporary color portraits we always suggest coordinating your colors as a family. Not always necessarily matching, although that isn't always bad either as with the two brothers to the right. But simply selecting clothing with colors that would look good if worn all by one person in the family. Having your portrait taken outdoors, we suggest either earth tones (depending on the season of course) or colors that work with your environment. For summer perhaps something like the family pictured here in Garden of the Gods park who matched the summer blue sky.

For black and white all black is not a necessity. In fact we often prefer that at least one or two persons wear a darker solid color that is not black such as gray, maroon, navy blue and the like. This helps to keep the subjects from blending into the background.

Rest assured that we will assist you with planning your portrait especially with your wardrobe. Have any questions about clothing options for portraits? Email or call us @719.475.0160.



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Portrait of the Month-June

Dog portraits are always enjoyable to do. And it seems so since this is the second dog portrait that has scored Portrait of the Month --two months in a row. We love dogs are very dog friendly at the studio.

Potato and Nacho are the team in this portrait. Both are mixes; little Nacho is still a puppy learning the ropes from his older sister. But both were anxious to get their portrait made.

During the Dog Days of Summer—we have, you guessed it, specials on Dog Portrait Photography. We have a special Pet Portrait Session fee during this time as well as new Pet Portrait Collections to choose from. We even have custom designed pet note cards (as well as Holiday cards). Want a portrait of you or a family member with your pet? We do that too.

So how do we go about a pet portrait session? Pretty much similar to a human session.What we like to do if possible is have you bring your pet in for a pre-session consultation. It helps us to meet you and your pet—even if you don't plan on being in the portrait. This will help us to design the elements of your portrait. It also allows your pet to get acquainted with us and the studio. They will be curious about the smells but remember the studio when they come back—it will seem familiar to them. This helps alleviate anxiety. Next we have you back for the session—which takes around an hour to complete, more depending on number of pets. Then you will return a third time to review your photographs and place your order. We offer prints, multi image panels, canvases, books, cards and more.

Pets are family too. So beat the heat and bring your best Furry Friend in to the studio for a portrait. Call 719.475.0160 or email us today for more info.

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We Love Referrals!

As a small business we grow and prosper through the kind words of our customers just like you. Word of mouth advertising is one of the best tools we have. So we are not shy about asking our wonderful customers to refer their friends and family to us.

How Can You Help?

You might ask how you can help us spread the word. Well we are always happy to get calls from people who say that one of our good customers referred them. So as you show off your portrait art from us be sure to tell about your experience with us. We do understand that not everyone you meet will be trooping through your home looking at the cool art we've created for you. So we have some handy tools that will assist you with spreading the word. One of the best is a mobile album that we can create for you with your own app. We can put together a nice custom mobile album of 10-12 images for you to share with others. These are especially popular with our baby and high school senior portrait clients.

Of course we are always happy when customers share their photos and experiences on social media. And we are always grateful to customers who send us written testimonials that we can use in our own marketing materials (like the one from a family below).

To show our appreciation any new client that you refer to us will receive a complimentary session. We will also send you a gift certificate to use on any future session with us. So it's a win win for both of you.

Of course our absolutely best compliment is to see you again. Our second best is for you to feel comfortable enough with us to refer us to your friends.



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High School Seniors Save Big This Summer!

Now is the time for High School Senior Portraits! Though we take senior portraits all year long the majority happen during the summer time and early fall. Traditionally high school seniors get their portraits made during the summer before their senior year. Many wait until the fall of their senior year but then we book up time slots pretty fast. So we like to offer a lot of savings during the summer.

High School seniors save big when they book their session in June. They save $50 on their session fee during the month of June. And the savings don't stop there we offer some free deals with our senior collections --call for more June savings.

And the summer savings don't stop there--All summer long you can save even more by bringing a friend (or sibling if they're also a senior) and you can split your session fee. How does this work? Well you also split the session time—so if you think you both can get what you want in 30-45 minutes, including changing time you can split a regular session. If you want a greater experience—including multiple locations with more time then you pick and split the Deluxe session.

And if you happen to want to bring even more friends? Well, give us a call and we can work out a deal for all of you.

Even though you may want to split your session with a friend you will each still get your own viewing/ordering session.

Friends can sometimes bring out the best in your senior. Not to mention it makes the session a whole lot of fun. See our senior page, email us or call 719.475.0160 for more details on how you can save big this summer on your senior portrait session.


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Portrait of the Month-May


Photographing pets is always fun but I really like photographing pets with their people. There is something about the bonding of the pet owner and pet, or in this case pets. This young woman is military as is her husband who is currently out of town on a training exercise. She wanted to surprise him with a portrait of their “kids”--Titus and Hyde.

These two American Pit Bull Terrier puppies were a handful—very exuberant. Hyde, the black dog, was so exuberant that he could hardly sit still. In fact I had to spend a little time with him jumping up and down off an easy chair to finally wear him out enough to sit still with his mom. Even then he was still at total attention whereas Titus pretty much couldn't wait to put his head down on the floor and catch a few winks. All in all it worked out well, we were able to catch a solo portrait of each pup as well as the “family” portrait.

Pet portraits are enjoyable whether they are alone or with their family. It's always a good idea to walk your pet and wear them out a bit before your pet session although with puppies they snooze and are up again ready to go so we have to work to wear them out a bit here at the studio. If you are looking for great pet training classes contact All Breed Rescue or we like to use Linda @Your Canine Coach.

Though we hold an annual fundraiser for All Breed Rescue we take pet portraits year round. We are very dog friendly at the studio as well in case you'd like to include your four legged pal in a family session. If you are thinking of having your pet photographed email us or give us a call @719.475.0160. Inside or outside we can help you plan for the perfect portrait of your furry friend.


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