Outdoor Portraits With Pets

Outdoor portraits here in Colorado are really a no brainer—so much cool scenery to choose from. We get a lot of requests for outdoor family portraits and sometimes the family wants to add in their dog, after all they’re part of the family. There is a reason why 99% of our pet portraits are in studio—pets, especially dogs can be easily distracted. Can you say squirrel?

That doesn’t mean it cannot be done, just that there need to be a little planning involved. Going to a place familiar to your dog is always a good idea—that way they don’t feel the need to spend a huge amount of time smelling all the new smells in the area. Sometimes though, this is just not possible. For example the couple pictured were from out of town visiting the Springs. Their dogs weren’t familiar with Garden of the God’s but they wanted them in the photograph anyway.

The couple arrived early at the park and checked out the area with their dogs. The dogs were a little more comfortable by the time the photography started but still the golden was distracted by squirrels. Since I knew in advance that we were photographing a couple with two dogs outdoors I brought an assistant with treats who used those to distract the dogs long enough for the portraits to be taken. 

When photographing pets outdoors it’s important to remember a few things. One, make sure your pet is on leash—even though they may be well behaved, an unknown area with distractions like wildlife can prove too much to resist. We will work to minimize the leash showing in the photographs so don’t overly stress about having them on leash.  Also we ask that you bring not only treats but water for your pets. Even if it’s not a hot day they will get stressed and over worked and need water. We need to also watch the time of day—if it’s overly hot for humans imagine having fur in heat! 

We love photographing people with their pets and don’t mind doing family portraits outdoors with pets if we can plan enough ahead to be prepared. For more on our Pet Portraits be sure to check out our new pet photo site Springs Pet Portraits.

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Portrait of the Month-August

Character studies are fascinating to me. I love doing sessions with a variety of people and working to pull out a piece of their character in the resulting portrait. Usually I lean towards photographing in black and white for these studies but sometimes I lean back on a color study. Much depends on the subject. Here I used a hybrid—what I call cross processing—a mix of black and white and color. It tends to lend a grittier overall presentation.

This young man is local rap artist 2 Tall—so named because he is 6' 5” tall. He came in not really having any idea what he wanted, just needed a series of good portraits to promote his music. We went through a series of outfits and poses until I found a nice contemplative image towards the end of the session.

Commissioning a photographic study is perfect for musicians but also works well for those wanting a nice character study of a family member. Sometimes it's a grandparent that you want to have a nice remembrance of before it's too late. Other times it's just an individual wanting something for their family. We've even done “character studies” of dogs. Pets often have so much personality that it's fun to take the time to try to capture that in a portrait. Sometimes pets are the only “children” people have so a nice Pet Portrait study is a way to capture a member of their family.

Whatever the reason Character Studies are a great way to preserve a slice of time for the next generation. In our pre-session consultation we can walk you through what exactly a study is and plan accordingly. We can break out part of a family to do a study but need to know in advance to prepare, thats why the pre-session consultation is so important.

Thinking of having a Character Study done, or maybe you'd like a little more information. Feel free to email us or call the studio @719.475.0160.


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Child Portraits-A Year Makes A Difference

What a difference a year can make in the life of your young child! From the ages of 1 through 5 your child makes the most dramatic changes. The absolute biggest changes of course occur during the child's first year of life. That's why we offer a Baby's First Year package allowing you to come three times between newborn until your child's first birthday. This is a very affordable way to document for yourself these considerable changes.

But once people document their child's first year the time flies and before you know it the child is in preschool then kindergarten. Where did the time go? That's where our Creative Kid's Club comes into play. This is an incredible deal allowing you to bring your child in to the studio to get annual portraits done. There is just a one time club price of $149. This covers 5 sessions over 5 years of your child's life with a 5x7 print included with each session. Each club member also receives exclusive pricing on additional prints and studio products.

Why do we call it Creative? Well where else are you going to go to get amazing portraits of your child, hassle free in a relaxed setting? Not a chain portrait studio that's for sure. Here's a comment from one of our clients:

"I went to Sears thinking I could save money and it turned out horribly. My husband reminded me you get what you pay for!”

Needless to say it didn't take much for this customer to return to us and the great experience of child portraiture.

So yes a year can make a big difference in the life of your child. Pictured here is a child at two (right) and on the left the same child at three. So what are you waiting for? Call us to get in on the club action for your child. It's an affordable option for you to preserve these treasured memories of the life of your child. For more info on the club email us or call the studio @719.475.0160.


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Why Have A Professional Business Portrait?

Does a good business portrait really matter? Well it does if you want to be taken seriously in your chosen field of business. Perhaps you don't use your portrait on your business card but a business portrait is very useful on business networking sites like LinkedIn, your company website, for publications for your profession or if you've had a significant achievement that gets published in the paper.

And keeping your business portrait up to date is important as well. If you've aged more than 6-7 years from your last portrait or made a significant change (hair style, facial hair, weight loss etc) then you really should get an updated portrait taken. Or if you've started a new business or changed your career field it's a great time to get a business portrait taken

Are You A Team Player?

If you work as a team with others we can have the whole team photographed. This can be teams like realtors, mortgage or banking teams, financial planning teams, or even the whole staff. We offer special pricing for business teams so that you can get a team portrait as well as individual portraits at the same time. If you have a large staff we can even come to your business and do head shots of your whole staff at a special rate. Contact us for details.

Want Something Different? Or Outside?

Maybe a head and should portrait is not what you are looking for. We can design a creative portrait just for you. One that reflects your profession.

Sometimes a studio portrait is not a good fit either. We can take an Environmental Portrait of you in your place of business. Or we can go outdoors. Realtors, authors and others have asked to have their portrait taken outside.

What Should I Wear?

We get this questions a lot—for business portraits. So we've created a What to Wear Guide for business portraits below.

Why not put your best foot forward and get a professional business portrait taken today. For more info or to book your business portrait today email us or call the studio @719.475.0160.

Call today. We know you're busy so we will work you in our schedule to accommodate yours.  

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Paw Prints Calendars Are Here

Our annual fundraiser for All Breed Rescue & Training was such a huge success this past Spring that we decided we wanted to do more for ABRT. So we did. We created a calendar for them to sell to raise funds.

It was a lengthy process but we designed a nice 12 page calendar prominently featuring the pet portraits done mostly at this last Paw Prints Fundraiser. The 2015 calendars will go on sale this weekend at ABRT's annual Romp in the Park event. We will have some for sale here at the studio and various retail locations throughout the city will also have some for sale.

But we want to make it bigger and better for next year. So we are rolling our a Calendar Contest during our Paws event for 2015. Sure, we will still offer the usual mini pet portrait session for a donation to ABRT. But in addition --for those so inclined-- we will offer a chance for them to have their pet grace the pages of the 2016 calendar. Details are still be worked out but the plan is for people to select a month and plan their “photo shoot” of their pet around a specific month.

Of course for the calendar project we will also be looking for businesses and individuals to help sponsor the printing and production thereby allowing all of the funds from the sales to go directly to ABRT. We had some wonderful donors step up to the plate this year for the first ever calendar project and we are grateful to them for their support of ABRT.

We do pet portraits not just during the winter for our ABRT fundraiser but longer pet sessions all year long. We offer special pet session fees as well as print and product packages. Thinking of having your pet photographed? Email us or give us a call @719.475.0160 for a free pre-session consultation.


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Portrait of the Month-July


A Father's Love

Babies are tiny. Parents seems large compared to them, especially newborn babies. For newborn sessions I like the parents and baby to come in the first few weeks after birth. This is a great time as baby is so small and sleepy and we are able to get the baby to really pose well.

I love incorporating parents into a newborn session. Some parents are a bit worried about how they look –especially mom since she just went through a major ordeal. But I know that they will look back on this time in amazement and love having themselves with their newborn in the portrait. Babies change so much during even the first few months that it's great to get portraits made as soon as possible. And parents will look back in amazement that their son or daughter was ever really that small.

One of the things I love doing the most during a newborn session is to create a portrait of dad holding the baby. Dad is usually so large compared to tiny baby that it makes an impact. Sure we get plenty of portraits of mom holding baby but I love getting dad to hold the tiny baby. The selection of this image for Portrait of the month was really a no brainer. The tenderness of dad kissing his newborn daughter is priceless. A moment that the parents will cherish forever.

We offer a Baby's First Year plan. Your baby will change so much that first year, in fact greater change than at any time in their life. This plan is a great way to get affordable portraits at key stages in your baby's first year of life. Some of the most expressive baby portraits are taken between 6 and 9 months of age. Your baby will be able to actually look at you and smile much more easily. Pregnant or know someone who is? Contact us (719.475.0160 or email us) today to schedule a free no obligation consultation for the best newborn portraits ever.


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Creative Kid's Club & Child Mini Sessions

Anyone who knows kids knows that they change a lot in a short amount of time. The most a child will change in their lifetime is during their first year. That's why we offer the Baby's First Year Collections.

However we do know that children change dramatically during their first few years as well. Maybe not as much as during that first year but quite enough to really take notice.

If you don't photograph your children frequently during their first several years of life you are really missing out. We've had clients that come in frequently during this time frame (1 to 7 years of age) and many more who are too busy or simply forget. The next thing you know your child is leaving grade school and moving to Middle School. Wow, when did that happen—just yesterday they were missing their first teeth.

That's why we've created the Creative Kid's Club—to help in the process of documenting your child during these important formative years. The Creative Kid's Club is a great way to get on a schedule to get your child's portrait taken during these years. Not to mention affordable. The Kid's club is an amazing deal—for a limited time club membership is just $95 (until Sept 1) and that includes 5 sessions over 5 years-no session fee beyond the initial club fee. Not only that you receive a 5x7 custom print from each session. These are short mini sessions—20-30 minutes and you have the option of placing your order immediately following the session. Kid's Club members have special pricing on duplicate prints as well as 4 print collections from $199 to choose from.

We also offer special Child Mini Sessions without any club membership. They are $50 for a session fee and then you may choose from 4 print packages beginning @$250. Child mini sessions are only available weekdays until 4 PM for children ages 1 through 16.

Both of these child sessions—either Kid's Club of Mini Sessions are a great way to capture portraits of your child without waiting to schedule a formal family portrait. These are perfect for showing off a new outfit, missing their first teeth, getting braces or for a holiday card.

Interested in getting portraits created of your child. Call us at 719.475.0160 or email us for help in choosing which children's plan is right for you.  

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