Enjoying Your Family Portraits


With the proliferation of cameras in tablets and phones everyone can take a photograph virtually anywhere they go. All the time. This is going down in history as the most photographed generation of all time. However most of the images taken will never be seen and never shared with the next generation.And that’s sad to me.

First off many people just don’t take the time to get prints made any more. Because when you do where do you store them or give them to? And not only that the images rarely get backed so the next time your phone freezes or the computer crashes there go the family photos.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have some great images on your phone AND beautiful portraits on the walls of your home as well? It’s okay to decorate your home with art depicting your family. Some people say they don’t have room. We say like any gallery you can show some work for a time then swap it out with others. And if you literally have zero wall space in your home why not a custom book or album?

Our customers come to us because they love having us create a piece of custom wall art for their home. That way every day they can walk by the portraits of the ones they love. Yes, we all like to have our photos handy and along with us on our laptop, tablet  or phone and we can create some fun mobile albums for that very reason. However being able to walk by a large portrait hanging in your front living room of your children is just priceless. Not to mention that your children can own that art one day and share with their children. From wall art to custom books and albums we can help you preserve the memories of your family.

Leave your children a legacy and not just a hard drive. Call us today @719.475.0160 to schedule your family portrait session.


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Couples Portraits

Calling All Couples!

It’s that time of year again. Valentines is just around the corner. When was the last time you had a portrait with your significant other? Hopefully you will not say at your weddings (especially if your wedding was more than 10 years ago). Even if you had a portrait taken more recently like at a relative’s wedding you should get a nice portrait created--in a relaxed atmosphere—just the two of you and not rushed at a wedding ceremony of your cousin.

Usually once kids are on the scene the parents get pushed into the background. Especially where portraits are concerned. And once you are empty nesters you really lose track of time and  seldom get a portrait created.   So now is the time to think about a nice portrait of just the two of you. And don't think you have to be young to have a couples portrait--merely young at heart! In fact the 65+ crowd always get a deal at the studio. 

Every year we offer a special near Valentines Day for couples. Couples Mini Sessions—in studio sessions with no session fee and 15% off of `a la carte pricing.  This is a chance to get a nice piece of art created for your home of just the two of you. What could be better? So  take advantage of this great deal from now through Valentines Day. 

So call @719.475.0160 or email us today to schedule your couples session.We are offering a limited number of sessions for this so make sure you get on the schedule.



Why A Great Business Portrait is Important


Most people that do business or networking of any kind need a business portrait. A good professional business portrait is so important to your business. Not just for LinkedIn or other social media networking sites but for your own business website and marketing materials as well.

And if you are looking for a job or wanting to move to a new industry your really need rot look your best. It’s not just realtors and insurance sales people that need a good business portrait these days. People like doing business with someone they know and or someone they can trust. In this day and age of internet people need to see whom  they are working with (on your website or marketing materials) before they’ll begin to trust you and buy from you. 

Need more than just the traditional head shot? We can help you out. Have a business team—we’ll get you in and out of the studio quickly with team portraits and individual portraits as well. On location? We’re there, wherever you feel works best for your business individual or team portrait. Need more than just head shots/team portraits? We’ll come to your business and photograph you in your environment for your marketing materials. 

Are you an artist, author musician or other creative? We will work to create something unique for you to use in your marketing materials, website, book jacket, CD cover or other products. In the studio or on location, it’s up to you.

So there is really no excuse not to have a professional business portrait for you to grow your business. So this year in 2015 why not put your best foot forward and get a new business portrait created for you. We’ll get you taken care of. Call us @719.475.0-160 to schedule your portrait today. 

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Portrait of the Month-December


There is something about a portrait of a newborn baby with the father. Sure we take a lot of portraits of baby alone and baby with mom as well as both parents. But the image of a tiny baby being held by strong daddy speaks volumes. It shows scale, tenderness and love.

Maternity and newborn portraits are somewhat of speciality for us—both in black and white and in color. We do maybe 90% in black and white but some newborn portraits lend themselves  well to color. Much depends on if we are doing the baby in a hat or outfit or not or along with mom and dad and it will depend on what they are wearing as well.

While it is super cute to take portraits of just baby we love adding in mom and or dad whenever possible. These are the portraits that really create memories as the parents look back and can’t believe they were really able to hold such a tiny infant in their arms. Plus when the child grows they can have a record of their parents at the time of their birth.

When is the best time for a newborn portrait? Well much depends on the size of the newborn but we recommend between about one to two weeks old. When they are that young they will often sleep a lot in the session which works well for posing. However some parents want the baby awake and it seems to be much easier to do when the baby is a little older. Is it too late to photograph your baby if they are older than 2 weeks? Not at all, we can create some wonderful portraits of babies older than that. This little boy was a little over six weeks old at his session and we still created some wonderful memories for the family. And even between 2 and 4 months we can get great portraits of baby sitting up in the parents arms.

If you are pregnant and thinking of having newborn portraits created give us a call. We will schedule a pre-session consultation to discuss the best time, clothing and products for you. If you already have a baby and still want a portrait we can schedule you in—we give priority to newborn and baby sessions. For more information check out FAC page on the website, email or call 719.475.0160 to set up your session today. 

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2014 The Year In Pictures!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Large Extended Families

Have a large family? No problem! We work in studio and on location with families of all sizes and though the studio space seems small we are able to photograph rather large families all at once! In fact we encourage large and extended families to come in. And we don’t stop at just one large family portrait. 

During most family sessions we will break down individual family groupings, siblings and even couples. And extended families even more so—What grandma and grandpa doesn’t love having a portrait with their favorite grandchildren? And how often do children get in for a portrait session—the last one you have is most likely a school portrait and we all know how great those turn out to be!

And couples? When was the last time you had a portrait together as a couple—your wedding? If you were married within the past five years that’s not such a bad answer but if it’s going on 20 or 30 or more years you really need a portrait of just the two of you.

Sometimes it’s difficult to get everybody together on the same schedule—we get it—we know you’re busy and we’ll work to accommodate your schedule. Family coming to town at the last minute? No worries, give us a call and we’ll work you in. And sometimes it just doesn’t quite all come together and there is 98% of the family present and a few members won’t be in town at the same time. Believe it or not we still can create a wonderful portrait for you. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process to make sure the entire family is in the shot—even when all cannot be present at the same time! 

Want more information on updating your family portrait? Contact us today via email or by calling the studio @719.475.0160 and we’ll schedule a free portrait consultation with you to plan the details.

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Child's First Birthday Portraits

During the first year your baby will grow and change more than most any other time during their life. It’s just incredible the changes that take place even in your child’s first few months let alone the rest of the year. They go from not even being able to roll over to crawling, sitting, standing then walking.

These are important memories and that’s why we off a Baby’s First Year Collection to assist you in capturing these once in a lifetime milestones. The Baby’s First Year program can include your newborn session but it doesn’t need to. Basically it’s a package of three sessions during your child’s first year. Some choose newborn, 6 and 9 months while others pick 4, 8 and one year sessions. We love doing smash the cake photos as the baby’s first year session. But it’s equally as fun having images of your child standing and walking. They literally run all over the studio but have the most fun posing for the camera as this little girl did.

The Baby’s First Year program is an affordable way to capture these truly wonderful memories. You have the option of paying for all 3 sessions up front or in payments as the sessions occur. And there are no session fees—it’s all included in each package. And each collection offers wonderful products for you to preserve these precious moments in your child’s life.

If you’re not interested in the Baby’s First Year Collections, or maybe didn’t get started in time, that’s okay we can still do your child’s one year old session. With or without the cake. If you want cake, you bring the cake and we’ll take care of the rest. Yes it can get a little messy but that’s all part of the fun! If you want more information about either Baby’s First Year or other child sessions email us or call 719.475.0160.


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